Vascular Ultrasound Testing

Vascular Ultrasound - Wimbledon Health Partners LLC A vascular ultrasound, also called a duplex ultrasound, is an imaging test used to see how blood moves through your arteries and veins. It measures the speed of the flow of blood and can reveal if there are any blockages. Vascular ultrasound testing is a combination of a general ultrasound and a Doppler ultrasound. The general ultrasound uses sound waves, which reflect off tissues in your body to create an image. A Doppler ultrasound records sound waves reflecting off moving objects, such as blood. The image reveals blockages affecting your blood flow or problems in the blood vessels. Our health care team uses vascular ultrasound to diagnose a number of conditions. Vascular ultrasound provides pictures of the body’s veins and arteries. A Doppler ultrasound study is usually part of a vascular ultrasound examination. Doppler ultrasound is a special ultrasound technique that evaluates blood flow through a blood vessel, including the body’s major arteries and veins in the abdomen, arms, legs and neck.

General Ultrasound and Doppler Ultrasound Testing Can Diagnose:

  • Varicose Veins
  • Abdominal Aneurysm
  • Arterial Occlusion
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